Pilihan Warna-warni Honda Scoopy

honda-scoopy green

Honda Scoopy Cute color options for Girl!

Pilihan Warna-warni Honda Scoopy

honda-scoopy purple
Pilihan Warna-warni Honda Scoopy

The existence of Honda as a trendsetter in the national motorcycle market again visible. Honda Scoopy is proven through AHM create a new trend for young people who want to be different and prioritize lifestyle and freedom of expression.

As a trendsetter retro scooter, AHM equip Scoopy with a thick design with retro-modern impression which has never been owned by other manufacturers in Indonesia. All-round display visible in almost all new scooter design, ie starting from Bodyline, the design of the headlights, lights sein, until a pair of mirror twins.

Scoopy round lamp equipped with lights that make multireflektor dusk with bright lighting and wide-reaching. Two lights mounted sein textured separate from the body, reinforce the impression of retro-modern and well make this Scoopy be easily seen from the front or side.

Modern impression is also visible from the side striping Scoopy performed with simple, stylish emblems, and rear view of the all rounder. Views were also seen on the more interesting racing wheels, mirrors, and muffler protector of thematic white, appear compatible with the body color combination that increasingly emphasized the retro-modern genre-engined 110 cc scooter this.

Three body colors Scoopy can be an alternative to supporting the lifestyle of young people who become the main target of this new model, the Classic White (shown luxurious classical style), Retro Pink (appearing cheerful retro), and Vintage Violet (exclusive look stylish vintage). AHM will market this new scooter with a price Rp13.500.000 (On The Road DKI Jakarta).

Like the Honda motorcycle scooter others, Scoopy is also equipped with a magnetic lock automatically (auto shutter secure keys), lever lock brakes (brake lock), and standard automatic side (side stand switch), and automatic choke. For buyers Scoopy, AHM will also provide retro-modern style helmet that already meet the provisions of the INS-2. Various parts of accessories is also available to maximize the action of driving with Honda Scoopy.

President Director of PT AHM Yusuke Hori said the presence of Scoopy is one of Honda's commitment to continue to deliver innovative products for consumers motorcycle in Indonesia.

"We are optimistic Scoopy will be received well by the community and become a trendsetter in the motor segment retro-modern wing," he said.

Executive Vice President of PT AHM Johannes Loman said Scoopy will complete the line up of products of Honda scooter in Indonesia and will strengthen its penetration of the Honda in scooter segment which is currently growing rapidly.

"Views Scoopy unique and interesting it will create a new scooter market, so Honda's choice of scooter models for consumers will be more diverse in the marketplace."